O… don’t you dare.

I feel a great impulse to write.

And then it hit me.

I am just too afraid to find solace in words… for I do not dare to face what is there when I have to dig deep into myself.

The mess I might find. The ghosts I might need to confront.

So I turn my back, dip my chin a little, and allow that pained, sad smile to creep out.

Throw an arm up, and draw a weak wave in the air.

The perfect, mysterious stranger, again.

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One Response to “O… don’t you dare.”

  1. To Fiddly who left a comment:

    Sorry I can’t approve your comment cos you mentioned the name of someone who would rather keep her identity confidential.

    I have had heard of the same rumours since years ago, but from what I knew, it was another blogger who had passed away, and was not the one you mentioned, and thankfully, she’s still well and sound.

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