Waltzing round the unknown

On Wednesday I had a last minute assignment which will see me leaving Singapore tomorrow.

Pretty short notice, there.

But maybe one that is much needed for me.

I have got to stop having this morbid fascination-slash-obsession. I am overdosing on my Air Crash Investigation and 60 seconds to Disaster, which is almost like a SOP every season in.


I am not sure when was the last time someone’s brutal honesty made me smile and laugh so much. He probably thought it was mockery, as the occasional hints of self-consciousness betrayed the confident front he often puts up. I sniggered cos I saw how endearing that rash, tactless honesty is.

Kinda refreshing. Not very much welcomed, cos whatever happened to my original plan…? Dammit.

It is all an act.  A little voice warned me. Haven’t we seen this once too many times?

Go with your gut feel. But hadn’t it failed me too frequently in the past? Laughs.

Strangely, I didn’t quite find it within me to guard this time round. The dangerous pitfall of being too comfortable. The natural defense mechanism, however, kicked into action.


And then. There. In that dark corner where I reached out for the door to my car, with one hand tugging at my arm, turning me towards him, and another cupping my face – he leaned in.

At that instance as I turned, I felt it.

When was the last time my pulse was sent into overdrive when someone pressed his lips against mine?

And I, had conveniently forgotten to draw my next breath, and I got lost in my flustered, blabbering mess.

The giddiness that accompanied the panic and confusion wasn’t helping, which was all the better that he took over the wheels. Well, he offered, cos I pretty much threatened to leave him behind.

I nearly needed a map to find my way to the passenger seat as he leaned against the boot with his arms crossed, obviously enjoying the comedy.

He pulled me close and made his move once again.

I found my arms snaking over his shoulders.

Yet, I forgot to breathe, again. I could feel my heart picking up speed and its beat sent racing.

How. The. Fuck. Did. That. Happen?

Let’s go. Curiosity fulfilled. Not much of a mystery there, was it?

We bade goodbye on the quiet lane as I dropped him off, and I felt a tingle of desire when the hand that cupped my face found its way to the back of my neck.

Mine crawled up the small of his back and pulled him closer. His chest, pressed against mine. And the little awkwardness when my thigh carelessly brushed his desire.

I was actually feeling like an embarrassed amateur.

The tease pulled away and planted a kiss on my cheek before he said his farewell.

I had to get out of there. Fast.

Watch your steps, Miss Ting.

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  1. ellen wee says:

    you know better than to get involved..haven’t you heard the stories? they are real…

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