iPhone 6 Plus In Depth Review: Is It Right For You?

iPhone 6 Plus In Depth Review: Is It Right For You?

Not long ago iPhone users were making fun of how big the Samsung Galaxy Note was, but now many people are jumping on board with the new iPhone 6 Plus. Is this phone the wave of the future when it comes to iPhones or was Apple a little crazy to put them on the market at their massive size?

When information about the iPhone 6 Plus leaked, people could not believe that it was real. They thought it was a joke that someone had put out to play a prank, but alas here it is. Many people were asking why Apple would decide to do such a thing in the first place. Was this going to be a strike out for the iPhone or a home run? It seems that this Phablet has people on both sides of the fence. Some people are saying it is a breakthrough and is going to allow its users to get amazing results unlike any other. Some people on the other side of the fence are saying this new piece of tech is laughable.


iPhone 6 Plus Design

Sure, when you look at the iPhone 6 Plus, it is a beauty. Despite the plastic stripping on the back, the phone looks stylish, and everyone loves being seen with this hot piece of technology. There is a problem though seeing as the phone is a mammoth phone and cannot be handled with just one hand; you would think they would have given it a matte finish. Nope. They did not give the phone a matte finish at all; it is as slick as can be.


There are a few different problems that are coming up with this new iPhone 6 Plus beast. One of those is those annoying plastic strips that are on the back. They seem to be collecting the dye off of the jeans of some of their users. This dye collecting causes them to look like they are worn and old. The only solution customer service has offered is that they should wash the plastic strips with soap and water. Users have reported that this so called solution has not worked.

When you are holding the phone, you may notice that you have difficulty keeping it in your hand instead of allowing it to drop to the ground. You’re likely to get a hand cramp squeezing your hand around the phone, so slippage isn’t out of the question. If you put a case on the phone, it does help with this matter, but it is already huge, and this just makes it bigger. If you plan on using your phone for a long time, you are most likely going to have an aching hand. Apple must not have thought long when they were deciding how wide they wanted to make this monster.


iPhone 6 Plus Durability

Making sure that the phone is durable is extremely important. If you work in an environment where dropping your phone isn’t uncommon then you want to make sure that this one is going to stand up to a beating. Even having kids is considered a hostile environment when it comes to smartphones.

Before the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus, reports were given that said the phone was going to be one of the most durable phones ever made. It was supposed to have sapphire glass and an aluminum unibody. The aluminum unibody did come about, but sadly the sapphire glass was a no show and the Gorilla Glass 3 is being used.

After just a short time of usage, the iPhone 6 Plus has shown wear and tear marks. The wear and tear marks make the phone look like it is much older than it is and take away from the sleek look. The protruding camera doesn’t help at all since it has been proven to get knicked up almost right away.

Scuffs and marks show up quickly on the iPhone 6 Plus, and this is yet another thing that demands the phone have a case. It seems that you can’t make it with this phone without a case. Even if it does make it even bigger. If they had gotten the sapphire glass and given the phone a different finish, you would have been able to, but you can thank Apple for the extra cost of the case.

Unless you need a high tech phone, there is not reason that you should put your money into a phone that can be broken and start burning in your pocket like the iPhone 6 Plus. One man experienced second-degree burns after damaging the lithium battery in this phone. If he hadn’t gotten the phone out of his pocket and away from his body, he would have experienced even worse burns. When it comes to durability, this phone is not a rockstar by any means.

While there is much to be desired with the design of this phablet, it does have one of the best screen displays offered in smartphones or phablets. The rich and vivid colors will dazzle you, and you may even notice the familiar look of the AMOLED technology that is being used by Samsung on their premium phones.


iPhone 6 Plus Features
The iPhone 6 Plus has a 64-bit Apple A8 chipset with a dual core 1.4 GHz CPU and quad core Power VR GX6450 GPU. Apple claims that the improvements offer a 20% better CPU performance and a 50% better graphics performance.

While the above-mentioned improvements are not huge leaps over its predecessors, it is still a great improvement and this phone performs amazingly. Load times and gaming are great on this phone so evening the most stressing users will be happy with the specs on the iPhone 6 Plus.


iPhone 6 Plus Camera

Remember that protruding camera we were talking about earlier? While it is sticking out and getting a great deal of wear and tear, it is also doing some cool things and providing great picture quality for its users. This camera even beats out the camera on the iPhone 6.

One of the cool features on this phone is that is fights against shaking. If your hand isn’t as stable as it should be, the lens can actually move to fight against the shake. The iPhone 6 has software that tries to give the same effect, but it just isn’t as good at what the iPhone 6 Plus does. You can even get great low light photos with this camera. The only challenge that you may come up against is when you want to do a big crop on the photo. Then you could notice some lack of detail.

The front facing camera is only a 1.2 megapixel vs. the eight megapixel camera that is catching the rest of the action. For all you selfie lovers out there, you could be a little upset that they didn’t go for a better quality photo for you guys.


iPhone 6 Plus Audio

The audio on the iPhone 6 Plus is one of the best out there. While you may not want to listen to your favorite bands on this phone, you can still get some great quality out of speaker phone or even podcasts. The sound of phone call quality is amazing. If you have any challenges with phone call quality, talk to your provider because it isn’t your phone.


iPhone 6 Plus Charging and Battery Life

There is nothing more annoying than having to charge your battery repeatedly throughout the day. You feel like you are stuck near a phone charger, then what is the use of having a cell phone? With the iPhone 6 Plus’ larger screen and higher resolution, you would think it would be quite the battery drain. True, it can suck quite a bit of battery, but that doesn’t matter so much with the iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 Plus has a 2915 mAh battery and even though there is an increased drained because of the bigger screen this phone has an amazing battery life time. The standby time is amazing. You could leave your phone on 100% and in the morning you would wake up to a 99% charge. Apple claims if you were to put the phone on standby that it would last for about ten days.

What does this mean to users that are going to be texting, talking, streaming and more? This amazing battery life means that no matter what you do to this phone, you are going to be able to enjoy a full day’s charge. Some people may even be able to get two days out of the phone. You may experience some slow charging times if you use the standard charger that comes in the box, but if you use an iPad charger, you can get a faster charge. Yes, it seems it was quite the shortcut to put the slower charger into the box when they are asking such a high price for the phone.


iPhone 6 Plus Operating System

The iOS 8.1 of the iPhone seems to be doing well unlike when the iOS 8 came out. The first version had some annoying problems that consumers just couldn’t handle. Now with this version, people are seemingly having success, but time will tell how good the new operating system is.

Apple Pay looks like it could be a winner. Just imagine all of your credit cards in your phone. All you have to do is use your phone to make a payment. While that sounds great, you’d still have to have cards for your rewards in the stores. Whenever those get put into your Apple Pay, that might be an extra benefit that gets people to use this feature.


iPhone 6 Plus Apps and Cases

Some apps that you download onto your iPhone 6 Plus may not appear properly since they are not optimized for the resolution of this phone. We will see if developers are going to cater to this phone or if they are going to leave them blurry and out of focus. If developers don’t recognize the importance of optimizing for the iPhone 6 Plus then this phone may not get the buyers that they want. The good thing is that the apps can function like an iPad and have greater function in landscape mode. On the other hand the iPhone can have customized cases which can be found at budgetcase.com or like sites.


Is the iPhone 6 Plus Worth the Money?

Depending on the features that you find important, this could be a good phone. You may have to get a phone case to put on this gigantic phone, but if you like the features that comes along with the iPhone 6 Plus then this could be the phone for you. Each upgrade of the iPhone requires another $100. 16, 64, and 128 GB

You have to decide whether you care that the iPhone 6 Plus is a giant that is going to take a little bit of extra work to keep your hands on. You will be getting the latest and greatest technology along with the massive size and this has proven to be a big selling point for many consumers. The phone has had a lot more buyers than most people thought it would when the size of the phone was released to the public.

If you want a phone that is more like an iPad then, this is a great phone for you. You won’t be able to hold it as easily as a smaller phone, but you will have a lot of functionalities that people with a smaller phone don’t have. The screen, battery life and camera of the iPhone 6 Plus are all bonuses and great selling points.

Phablets are one of those things that you are either going to love it or hate it. I like a smaller phone that I can hold and fit my pocket easily. Other people are happy to carry around the big monster of a phone and look like they are getting a laptop out of their purse. You know all of the perks of the phone, and now it is your time to figure out if you think the pros outweigh the cons of this phone.

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Asus is back with another monster to baffle you with the kind of world-class gaming experience it gives. Scratch “world-class”, it is “galaxy-class”. Or maybe “universe-class”. Okay, somebody needs to stop me from jumping or this article is going to be one big mess.



The Republic of Gamers maintains its consistency by giving this model the same monstrous build with a matte, rubber-coated plastic casing and an extensively vibrant 17.3 inch full HD screen. And for all the heavy gaming comes a rather heavy laptop (weighing almost 9 lbs), but that doesn’t make you NOT want it when you look at other features. Trust me, you might just forget the weight thing as you move further. Unless you decide to read this thing again.

Connectivity & Communication

There hasn’t been any significant alteration in terms of the number of ports, but the DVD drive has been replaced by a Blu-Ray drive. A Thunderbolt port has been installed making it possible for the G750JS to accommodate external graphic cards if the future makes it possible.

Also, a major change is the “Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless 1202” Wi-Fi adapter. Though it doesn’t offer a very high transmission rate (300 Mbit/s) as compared to the former model, it has this excellent feature called “Advanced Stream Detection”, which implies that the driver has been specifically designed for gaming and streaming purposes. So. Much. Gaming. Is it just me or are all of you puking rainbows?

Power, Performance & Processor

The G750JS sports an Intel Core i7-4700HQ with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz, and this can vary between 3.2 GHz in Turbo Boost mode and 800 MHz in energy-saving mode in quad-core operation. The system has an integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics card that is active to make it possible to switch between the dedicated and the internal graphics cards. Displaying a perfect blend of SSD hard drive, a high-end graphics card and CPU, G750JS swiftly succeeds in impressing anyone who glances at these features.


G750JS has two hard drives, as already mentioned. The SSD has been partitioned into two – a 100 GB drive for the system and a 120 GB data drive. The other is the 1.5 TB HDD with an access time of something over 16 ms.

Graphics Card

Since you are reading the article on the BEST gaming laptop, the graphics card has to be an undoubtedly majestic work of art. The Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 870M is a high-end, premium graphics card. Based on Nvidia’s Kepler architecture, having a 3 GB of dedicated memory and with the core clock overclocked to 981-1000 MHz, Asus stands tall with the title rightly given to its G750JS model. The Republic of Gamers sure as hell knows how to keep its citizens happy.



Temperature control

If you are still reading this and if at all I’ve not bored you already, you definitely are a hard-core gamer. Or maybe, you just love me. Anyway, you must be well aware of the desperate need for a good temperature controlling system when you are a gamer. And hey, hey, here we are dealing with the best gaming laptop, aren’t we? Asus has been providing one of the best waste heat circulation and dissipation with its dual system fans. The laptop fails to cross even 30 degree Celsius when idle, and a temperature over 40 degree Celsius was recorded not more than twice. Though it can reach a temperature of about 52 degree Celsius when connected to the power supply, and hence shouldn’t be kept covered.

Battery Runtime

One can expect that the battery is going to drain almost exponentially with time for such a high-end machine but, spoiler alert, G750JS has an idle runtime of 10 big, fat hours! But then, who wants a good runtime for an idle laptop. It is idle, anyway. Tell me about the Wi-Fi test. Yay, we passed that too! Asus offers a good 5.5 hours in the Wi-Fi test as well. Here comes the savior of the gaming world. Batman does exist.

So, if this feels like the closest thing to heaven for all you hard-core worshippers of the gaming world, go buy this ASAP. Because it’s soon going to be illegalized for the kind of awesome sauce it is!