Beware of False Promises from Real Estate Agents

Beware of False Promises from Real Estate Agents

We often trust our real estate agents a little too much. We get impressed by their word pictures of the perfect home with adequate lighting and elegant appearance and get duped into paying through our noses. Just like it happened with Danny Katz and his family. They bought a home which was supposed to be an “Entertainer’s Paradise” and got the shock of their life when they moved in.

The house was described to be an integrated home with a patio, pergola and a fancy back door. From the words of the real estate agent it had seemed that the house would be the ideal place for people who loved having guests over. The Katz family thought of the endless breezy days when they could throw parties and have fun with friends and quickly made a decision to buy the house. What did not occur to them is the small fact that real estate agents could lie.

The actual house turned out to be quite traditional and kind of boring. Disheartened with the blatant lying, Katz felt that his new home was more like a “Paradise Lost”. He decided to renovate the house and convert it into a real paradise. He hired a contractor to install bi-fold patio doors which would open up the house to the outdoors. The guests could now pour in and out easily when they throw parties, Katz happily thought as he started to have vivid images of having his friends over.

Unfortunately, they got duped again. The contractor did install the doors but neither did the doors have the expected elegance nor did they make the house appear more lucrative to the guests. It just seemed to be the old house fitted with expensive bi fold doors. The Katz family came up with another name, “Entertainer’s Paradox”.

Well, this time they did have guests in the form of insects who made a huge mess in their living room. The family kept the doors open hoping to catch some fresh air but the mosquitoes seemed to take that as an invitation. Soon the house would be infested with such unwanted guests who made life miserable.

bi-fold doors

To avoid such a bitter experience, it is always advisable that when you plan to buy a house you should set some time aside to do a reality check by yourself. A house is a big investment and reselling would mean losing a huge amount of transaction cost. So it is better to not buy a house in a hurry. You can hire a real estate agent to help you out but do not let them take the decision on your behalf. Unfortunately the more trust you show, the more gullible you look to the agents. They see an opportunity to sell off the horrible house on their list and make sure that you buy one.

So if you are planning to go house hunting I would suggest that you leave the comfort of the indoors and get involved in the actual hunting. Pictures and words might hide a lot but multiple site visits can give you a fair idea about the real house and also about the surroundings.



Anoop Jain recently created waves, winning Waislitz Global Citizen Award, for his community sanitation project, which is in line with new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign. The Indian Prime Minister has mades a commitment to end open defecation in the country by the end of his tenure. Open defecation is primary health concern in large parts of rural India where public health and hygiene is currently in tatters.

Jain, educated in the US, was awarded the honour for being an exemplary global citizen, the Waislitz Foundation said. The award carries with it a prize money of $100,000. He founded Humanure Power in 2011 as a community sanitation project in Bihar. The award was given to him at an even in Central Park, New York, coinciding with Mr. Modi’s recent trip to the City.

Humanure Power has already seen 17,000 users, while removing eight tons of human excreta. Proper management of human waste will lead to greater public hygiene, while at the same time preventing a number of water borne diseases caused by faecal contamination. Good public health is seen as the first step towards a broader social and economic change, so desperately needed in India.

The need to end extreme poverty grows greater by the day and people like Anoop Jain are probably the greatest agents of change. While the awarded may be given to only one winner every year, it can create large scale awareness among people as to the cause of the winner, thereby inspiring thousands of others to take up the caused, stressed Alex Waislitz, after whom the award is named.

After graduating from Northwestern University, Jain went on to work for some time till he could save up to $30,000 and start off with his project. He went to North East India, where he worked with Tibetan refugees for a while and then finally to Bihar, where he revolutionized community sanitation with his Humanure Power project. Meanwhile he also got himself a Masters in Public Health from the University of Tulane, where he met three other friends with whom he would later go on to start his award winning Bihar based project.

What is Humanure Power?

Open defecation is a problem in India, with almost 600 million people having no access to clean toilets. A large percentage of these people had to make dangerously long walks in order to answer the call of nature. Along with this there were 400 million people with no electricity. Jain decided to tackle these two problems simultaneously.

The waste from the Humanure Toilets is collected in a Biogas Digester where over a period of 20 days anaerobic bacteria break it down to form methane and manure. The methane is then combusted to generate electricity which is then used to light up the homes of people living off the grid in those villages via 12 volt batteries that are up for rent at $.20.

The Waislitz Foundation hopes many more such youg minds come forward to tackle some of societies biggest problems head on.


Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) 2014 – Usage of Beacons & Mixby

Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) 2014 – Usage of Beacons & Mixby

Artifact Technologies in Seattle have designed a new mobile app called ‘Mixby’. Adrienne Mills, Brent Firedman, Hanson Hosein, Sam Templitsky and Connie Rock are the brain masters who have conceptualised this exciting new app. These think tanks are also associated with the Communication Leadership Programme at the University of Washington.

The topic in SIC 2014, is ‘Makers’. Artifact Technologies have planned to showcase the usage of their new app in Bluetooth enabled Beacons. This year, SIC will be held on October 15 – 16 at the Washington State Convention Center, at its Conference Center. 4000 people will be attending the conference there.

It is imperative on the part of the ‘gadget makers’ to exhibit the best usage of their gizmos. So, to make their presentation more interesting, Artifact Technologies have brainstormed ways to keep their participants engaging and interacting. They also have to tell the participants about this new app and its usage along with the smart phones.

Mixby is an app which can be downloaded in the beacon enabled smart phones. It can then connect people using the app, allowing them to share stories, pictures and videos. It will also give the user access to new content, whenever available, by showing relevant notifications.

Beacons are small, light weighed devices which can be fixed on walls and other surfaces. It transmits radio signals to smart phones within its range. Once these smart phones receive the signals, the beacons can record the availability of those smart phones within that area. But that does not mean that beacons are specified for detecting the presence of smart phones in any given area.

At SIC, the participants can actually practise the usage of Mixby in their smart phones. On entering the Conference Center, they will receive signals in the Mixby app in their mobiles, notifying them of new available content. They can access content relating to the speakers’, their background, their works and so on. This way, the participants will be engaged with what they receive in their smart phones during the conference and at the same time the material received will be appropriate for the time.

The usage of Mixby & Beacons should be carried out intelligently to get productive results. The Artifact Technologies had researched on what material to be provided and where the gadgets are to be placed during the conference. Similarly, they can be used in sports, malls and departmental stores to bring together consumers and products. Today, Mixby can be used throughout Western Washington to receive content regarding the richness of the place.


Discover your Love with Magic Spell

Discover your Love with Magic Spell

Love has been explained in different terms and the way one treat each other is different. Despite all these, the love that exists between two souls is only known between the two. But is has to be spiced up on several occasions in order to deal with the boredom that might arise. There are spell casters who are out to help those with love issues but again some come out to be scammers.

If you are looking for real love spells that will mentor your love life, white love magic spells is where you have to cast your bucks. This is a very powerful spell that has helped many getting back on the right track in their love life. The power of love that you will receive is natured from power of nature which is in within you together with the fruits of energies.

Discover if your love is based on true feelings or not. Know what is going on in your love life, how it is affecting you plus your love life and how you are going to balance everything. These classy services are geared towards helping you who has love problems. They are fantastic and outstanding.

You can contact white magic love spells for free consultationsfirst before you can decide either to purchase these services or not. Like in the ancient London, people would gather in Royal Opera House which was by then known as Covent Garden. Here, concert performances were being held and it differentiated between real love and romantic enchantment. The audience who used to attend was not only excited by the performances but they also appreciated the ideas they got from the performance.

This is what Barbara has taken into account and instead of you coming to see live performances, you can order love spells of your choice because there are different reaction levels in love life. You will always get results for what you have paid for.

Learn From My Makeup Mistakes: Suggestions to Beautiful Skin

Learn From My Makeup Mistakes: Suggestions to Beautiful Skin

You wear makeup to boost your confidence and enhance your looks, but you’ve also had those days where it seems like you can’t get your eye liner perfect no matter how many times you reapply it, or your foundation just cakes on to the same spots and there’s no fixing it. Sometimes you just need to do some research and hit the “reset” button on your skincare routine.

It’s good for your skin to take a break from makeup. Your skin needs to breathe, and if you wear oppressive makeup due to work, or partying, your skin will need some type of exfoliation. When the dead cells linger around your pores, it will make your skin look dry. So start to exfoliate around two to three times a week. Using an organic sugar scrub leaves your skin tingly, smooth, and rehydrated. Typically you can find these scrubs at any wholesale store, and they range from $5.00 to $10.00.

If you live in a big city, or a hot area with lots of relentless UV exposure, you’ll want to take further steps to protect your skin. I don’t care what time of year it is, if I’m living in a humid, sunny environment, or a four-season area of the world, I will always wear something on my face with SPF. In the past couple of years, articles have sprung onto websites that say sunscreen has wrinkle reducing, and skin nurturing ingredients. Due to this revelation, a lot of makeup today has SPF 10-20 incorporated in it. Protect your skin today so it will stay vibrant in years to come.

The next suggestion I have is to swap heavy, metal filled foundation for mineral based powder formulas. I grew up rather ignorant about the impact cheap makeup can have on your face (read more here). But makeup works like anything else, the more you use it, the more you need it to feel like you look normal. I used to wear a heavy foundation and cake it under my eyes as I thought I had dark circles. While I’m sure I did have slight uneven skin tone, it probably didn’t warrant such heavy application. I thought that the more makeup I used, the better I looked, but it wasn’t until I invested in mineral foundation that I realized I had it all wrong. I had noticeable improvement in my skin; my dry patches went away, slightly uneven skin tone was eliminated, and it really made my skin look better. And best of all, I started to love my skin even though I was wearing less makeup. I encourage you to dump your old makeup, and really do some research, I promise it will pay off.

Build Your Own Website- A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS and WordPress

Build Your Own Website- A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS and WordPress

Build your own Website is a fun comic written by Nate Cooper. It is a brief introduction to the basics of HTML, CSS, WordPress and its various features and the steps to start your own website right from selecting a domain name and its registration to the creation of web pages.

The book was published by No Starch Press which generally publishes books for children but this book actually caters to an older audience. It would include teenagers interested in web designing or adults who are already aware of it and want to understand it better. It is for the many ambitious people who want to build their own website but may not have the basic education for it. It was distributed by O’Reilly.

For the great many of us who want to be tech savvy but do not really understand when people teach us about the Internet and its various aspects, this book would be a great tool in hand. It explains all the terms and concepts regarding the creation and designing of web pages right from scratch.

The first part of the book teaches its main character Kim accompanied by her dog Tofu, the fundamental web concepts that would be necessary for the reader to be aware about. The key elements of HTML are discussed in the first part which also covers information about how files and folders are organised. It describes how this same concept is applicable to websites with regard to hierarchical file system. A plus point was that the book first explained concepts that are usually taken for granted and not taught. It then explains how to form HTML codes.

The comic then elaborates on how codes are written to style web pages and how CSS can further enhance this function of HTML. The book goes into particulars telling the reader where they should right-click and where they shouldn’t. It emphasises that CSS files should be separate from HTML files and should be used only to link them together. The illustrations are an advantage for novices who know nothing of codes.

Then Nate begins the mighty task of explaining WordPress, which has been divided into two chapters in the book. The first deals with the core concepts. The second chapter is more elaborate and at the same time gives a detailed description of how a WordPress site could be customized according to personal tastes and preferences. A read through this chapter can make readers confident enough to experiment on a WordPress site themselves.

‘The Big Launch’ is the climax of the book. This last chapter shows Kim-the protagonist flying in a spaceship and gliding by a step-by-step procedure from forming a web page to a website to choosing its domain name and registering it and finally information about web hosting and buying space from a web host. It also gives information about the different available web hosts and mentions HostGator and Vps trial in particular. The book reassures readers that creating a website isn’t as intimidating or a laborious task like it used to be.

Nate Cooper, the author, is a certified trainer from Apple and he teaches people basics about web and its designing. He has been able to teach these basic concepts very creatively though the use of a comic which makes it interesting and fun to read.

Kim Gee is a New York based graphic designer and illustrator. She has a pet dog named Tofu. She started her web comic in 2010 and has helped in the illustration of the novel ‘Build Your Own Website’ and also a mini comic. Both of these are a reflection of her great work.

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